Studio Antares

Mar Vista Residence

Mar Vista, CA

This project is one of the over 100 built residences (new, remodels or additions) designed by Studio Antares. It embodies the studio's core philosophy towards residential architecture – respect for site and program, application of inexpensive local and renewable materials, sustainability, sophisticated simplicity, flexibility and meticulous detailing.

The program - two bedrooms, home office, three bathrooms, living room, dining, kitchen and roof terrace with 360° views towards the ocean and the mountains - is organized in four volumes that intersect one another and wrap around an existing tree to form a series of overlapping fluid spaces. The surfaces of stucco, profiled metal panel, natural wood window frames and large glass windows are organized logically in response to the building functions and provide a simple background accentuating the organic form of the tree.

The vegetation and the overhangs protect the glazed surfaces from direct sun exposure while the tower leading to the roof terrace serves as a “wind chimney”. Patios, decks, grass “carpets” and large operable glazing blur the barriers between interior and exterior in a flowing continuous space.