Studio Antares

KNIC School

Bronx, NY

Design: 2012-2015

The project addresses the challenges of a very narrow and long lot (600’ x 66’) in a diverse urban context with an elevation drop of 10’ between the NW and SE corner. The school occupies the east portion of the lot, shared with an administrative building for a government agency on the west side. To the north there are existing schools and apartments, and to the south the site is flanked by the Kingsbridge Armory, which is being remodeling into an Ice Center for hockey and skating.

The school is an extension of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center, intertwining the program with the civic and cultural needs of the community. The site-specific concept transforms the paradigms of the environmental context into a vibrant urban place. The spatial organization and sustainability-conscious approach meet the objective of introducing a learning environment which ignites curiosity, positivity and creativity in students and educators.