Studio Antares

Private Residence

West Los Angeles, CA

A 4000-square-foot remodel and addition to an existing house built in the 1950’s, the project blends Eastern and Western architectural traditions transforming the modern dwelling into a stage where living, working and public interaction intersect. The living room, originally built with a strong modern influence, has been remodeled and enriched with a tatami room that opens to a small karesansui garden. The day track is located at the rear of the lot, separated from the street by a bamboo garden, while the studio spaces are close to the front of the property with a separate entrance. The night track is on the second floor, bridging the space between the studio and the living area and covering a patio which unites the public and private zones of the house. This bridge extends into a passage connecting the house with the terraced private back yard.

The house establishes a close relationship with the environment by connecting different levels of the naturally sloping terrain, and by unfolding towards the garden, keeping the daylight and the climate of Southern California in mind. The glass openings are placed to allow sunlight to pour-in all day, filtering through the leaves of bamboo and nearby eucalyptus trees.