Studio Antares

Video Installation Proposal

Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA

Inspired by the 19th century motion studies made by Eadweard Muybridge, the installation is a scientific and aesthetic exploration of a horse at all full gallop. A continuous video loop stretched across three screens, the installation has two modes, each lasting approximately 15 minutes before fading into the other.

In the first mode, a chaotic landscape speeds from right to left, slowly resolving into an infinite flat grid of measured lines where a group of racehorses gallops in slow motion, allowing the viewer to probe the subtitles of their movement. The horses overtake one another, surge forward, or fall behind as if in the heat of a race – however, because an instant has been stretched to several seconds, this interaction can be seen by the viewer as a graceful, gradual push and pull among the horses at the peak of their performance.

The second mode explores individual details in the powerful movement of a horse’s gallop, again shown in slow-motion. The camera glides over details such as the movement of the head, the clods of dirt kicked up by hooves in motion, and the cycle of the horse’s gait. Instead of showing one continuous image, each screen cycles through a set of individual details. The visual style remains consistent overall, but each screen shows minor variations specific to the detail being shown.